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With a wealth of experience in app development, design and deployment we have the combined skills to produce the highest quality apps all in one place. Our in house capability means that we never out-source any of our projects allowing us to keep to strict deadlines and work very closely with each and every customer.

Welcome to Atom Engine

We are a national app development company serving companies and individuals throughout the UK. With offices in Leicester (Midlands) and Central London we can deliver high quality mobile apps for companies all over the country.

We specialise in creating bespoke iOS, Android and Web apps. Our technical team are happy to talk you through any project you may have in mind. Whether you are looking for an enterprise app, or you are a budding entrepreneur, we can help.

We enjoy working closely with clients ensuring they are happy at each stage from design to launch. If you would like to talk through a project you have in mind, please get in touch today.

Core services

iOS Development

Get started developing bespoke, beautiful apps on the iOS, watchOS and OSX platform.

Web Development

View how bespoke web applications can automate systems, securely store data and give you easy access to remote resources.

Android Development

Bring your ideas to the huge android platform with the help of our skilled android developers.

UI Design

See how a well thought out user interface can lead to a much improved mobile app.

App development office

Want to push your app idea forward?

We always like to hear new and interesting ideas. If you’d like to talk through your project in confidence, one of our experts will be more than happy to help. Once we’ve got all the information required we can get to work on a proposal for your application. We will look through your basic idea and come up with a strategy for how we are going to achieve it. In the majority of occasions we provide feedback and professional input on the initial idea, helping to make the final project a success.

We always aim to give you ethical advice and would never take a project on if we didn’t think it had a successful ending to it. If you’d like to talk through a project, or just find out more about our company, then please get in touch to talk to one of our app development experts.


Latest Projects

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