Stock management app for international music distributor

This simple and easy to use android application helps Proper Music maintain accurate stock data across their warehouses.

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Proper Music warehouse app

Proper, one of the world's largest music distributors, approached us for maintenance and support of their existing stock management app. This app manages stock across their warehouses and integrates inbuilt barcode scanners, connecting to their backend via an API.

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Device scan integration

Proper Music has a large inventory of music products, which are stored in their warehouses. To manage this, staff need to scan "bins" (storage locations) and products, to ensure that they are handling the correct product. Because of this, the android app needs to integrate with a barcode scanner. Reading the barcode, and fetching the correct information to display to the user.

Man in warehouse scanning a box with a mobile device

Seamlessly integrates with existing stock management system

Using existing APIs, we integrated the app with Proper Music's existing systems. This allows the app to fetch product and "bin" information, as well as send updates to the backend, such as when a product is moved to a different bin.

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