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Frontend development

Beautiful, easy to use user interfaces for web, mobile and desktop applications.

Backend development

Backend services including REST API development and server configuration for our bespoke software

External API integrations

Bring added power to your systems by leveraging pre-existing services and APIs.

Frontend development

Frontend development is a broad term that encompasses the development of the user interface of a software. This could be via a web browser, mobile app, desktop application or even smartwatch.

We have vast experience in using the latest tech to provide users with easy to use systems on mobile, web and desktop. Examples of where a frontend specialist is required are below.

  • Administrative dashboards
  • Desktop applications
  • Games
  • Marketing sites
  • Mobile apps
  • Wearable/smartwatch applications
  • Web portals
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Backend development

We build backend services to support our frontend applications. We use a variety of tools to build performant, scalable and secure backend services.

Backend development essentially involves building the logic and functionality of a software application and provides data in a structured format to the frontend. Think of it as the engine of a car, it's not visible but it's what makes the car work.

A backend system is typically required for the following use cases:

  • Accepting online/in-app payments
  • AI implementations
  • Data processing
  • Device to cloud or device to device communication
  • Integrating external services/APIs
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External API integrations

Many applications require integration to external APIs. We have vast experience in integrating with a wide range of APIs allowing your application to communicate with other systems. By integrating with external services you can leverage the power of off the shelf systems and services to enhance your application such as accepting payments, sending SMS as well as syncing data with pre-existing business systems.

  • AI - OpenAI, Azure, Google, AWS
  • Analytics - Google, Sentry, Firebase, Azure
  • Authentication - Azure AD, Google workspace, Authy, Facebook, LinkedIn
  • Communication (Email/SMS/Push notifications) - Sendgrid, Twilio, Amazon SES, Firebase
  • Data synchronisation - Salesforce, Shopify, NopCommerce, Firebase
  • Data verification - Contego (document verificaiton),
  • Payments - Google, Apple, Stripe, Revolut, Paypal
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