Fire safety data collection app

Long-time clients Ardent tasked us with building this mobile app, used by engineers all over the world, to service and maintain their fire-safety equipment.

Ardent app splash screen and home screen saying "Connect device"
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VCM Mobile

VCM Mobile is an application that allows Ardent engineers to connect to their VCM device via USB. Once connected, they are able to adjust the settings of the device, as well as download logs to assess the data collected by it.

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SDK development

For increased reusability, time efficiency and cost-effectiveness, we developed a software development kit (SDK) that could be used to create a range of applications for Ardent. We did this in Flutter, allowing this SDK to be used on a range of platforms.
Chrome, apple, android, windows icons floating around a flutter and SDK symbol

From Windows to mobile

Ardent had developed their own software for their VCM device, but it was only available on Windows, built in C++. We took this project, crafted a clean, user-friendly design and got to work converting it into a mobile app.
Windows/C++, adobe software icons and a mobile screen showing the app design

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