Promoting excellence in school sport

Working with Youth Sport Trust, we built this online system to help schools grade their physical education performance.

Web screen showing dashboard of school sport data
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YST Quality Mark

The YST Quality Mark is a recognised badge of excellence for PE and school sport. It is awarded to schools that meet a set of criteria within their school sport and physical activity provision.

We developed this system to allow schools to complete the assessment online, and for the YST team to be able to manage the assessment process remotely.

Web screen showing the generation of a PDF certificate

Salesforce integration

Youth Sport Trust use salesforce as their CRM. We built a custom integration to allow the app to sync data, avoiding the need for manual data entry.

When quality mark assessments are completed the data is then fed back into CRM, allowing company wide visibility of those schools that have achieved the quality mark.

Web screen showing dashboard of the school data

Syncing data

connecting to Salesforce

Automated PDF & graphic generation

Upon completion of the Quality Mark assessment, the app generates a personalised PDF certificates and graphics which can then be downloaded and displayed on the school website.
Web screen showing the generation of a PDF certificate

Complete admin control

The system allows for complete admin control for the Youth Sport Trust team. They are able to completely customise the assessment by adding/editing questions, and changing the scoring system.
Web showing admin page information and options.

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