App icon generator

Free iOS icon generator

As expert iOS app developers, we know what a headache it can be to create all of the variants of images that Apple demands you use when adding your app to the app store. That’s why we developed the iOS app icon maker which is completely free to use.

How to use the app icon creator

  • Step 1. In order to use the tool simply create the icon you wish to use as either a .png or a .jpg image in a square of 1024 x 1024px
  • Step 2. Click “Choose file” and upload your icon from your computer
  • Step 3. Click “Generate App Icons”
  • Step 4. A zip file will be created of all of the variations you need
  • Step 5. Add to the app store.

Why did we create the app icon creator tool?

Have you tried to add an app to the app store? For a company that values user experience, Apple seems to have made the whole process quite complicated. We understand that they need the iconography and imagery used across the app store to be uniform but the requirements can be difficult for the most seasoned developer to get their head around.

That’s why we created our free tool. So that people like you (and us!) can generate the icons you need, in the sizes and formats required at the touch of a button.

It shouldn’t be complicated, so we made it simpler. Need a hand creating the screenshots needed? We have a tool for that too. Click here to view our iOS Screenshot Generator tool.

About Atom Engine

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