How to make your next app idea a success


According to statista the number of apps on google play and the app store exceeds 5 million. For a user this is a huge amount of choice, and if there is anything wrong with your app people are unlikely to give it a second chance. Here are some things to consider before releasing your next app:

Do your research

Before investing in an idea, make sure you have fully though out your idea, understand the problem it’s solving and know your potential demographic. Is there a current gap in the market? Are they most likely to use iOS or Android, or would it be easiest to just do something online? If you’re a business would an app be more beneficial to a web portal? These are all things to consider and discuss with us before beginning an app.

User Design

iOS and Android are both set up to have unique and intuitive interfaces. If you’re going to create an app you have to make sure you incorporate the main OS design features into it. For example, Android phones have a back button to return to the previous screen. In iOS there is normally a back button designed in the app in the top left corner. The Android standard for navigation is a drawer menu coming out from the left, while tab bars are much more common in iOS. Even simple things such as a button design are worth considering, whereas Android uses uppercase and stronger shadows, iOS is normally flat with light text.

Every little detail should be considered when designing an app to make sure that users are going to find it easy to use and intuitive. This is a reason why it’s very rare for a hybrid app to have the same level of design and feel as a native one.

Good Development

This goes with the above point, it’s crucial to make sure that your app is developed properly. We have had clients come to us with work outsourced from various places where, from our point of view, it would have been easier to restart the entire project, than try to fix what had already been done. Poorly written code is likely to be more buggy, harder to expand and much more difficult for another developer to work on.

App Improvement

Even if you have a well thought out idea and market it well, it will be essential to keep improving the app as you move forward. An app that worked a year ago will probably look outdated and be buggy today., so you have to keep talking with your users and improving small bits consistently.


When coming up with an idea, make sure you have had some contact with your potential users, ensure it will be well designed and developed and make sure you continuously improve it in the future.

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