Business Mobile Applications

Without a doubt, mobile apps are becoming a more and more prominent part of day to day business. They enable staff, local and remote, to communicate business critical data to a central point within seconds, reducing administration and paperwork. A correctly integrated solution can cut business costs and improve efficiency drastically. The key areas that we specialise in here at Atom Engine are remote reporting, ordering systems and data compilation/presentation.

Remote reporting applications

These apps are a great investment for businesses that carry out on-site visits and have a large number of remotely working staff. They enable head office to monitor and update staff throughout the day, as well as allowing staff out on the road to quickly report back with job specific information.

One of the key features we recommend when developing these sort of mobile apps is offline capability. Despite the UK’s growing 3G/4G network the number of times remote staff are without any data connection is significant. Once a data connection is then detected then data is synced back with a central server. Over the years we have developed complex sync methods to ensure that all appropriate data is available both on remote devices as well as at the central server.

On the other hand, offline capability does bring a certain security threat if the devices were to be lost or stolen. This is why we would always recommend features such as offline database encryption and remote data deletion.

Ordering systems

An important factor for any b2b relationship is convenience and speed. As a business owner myself I would always lean towards a quick, hassle free experience and would actually pay a premium for that level of service. Our bespoke ordering systems allow both new and existing customers to quickly order products and services in a few taps or clicks.

These systems allow you define different pricing structures for different customers, automate your invoicing/accounting and can push orders directly through to the correct person. Whether that be a picking note to the warehouse or a diary invite to an engineer.

Online ordering systems can be presented in a website or mobile app and can reduce administration time and increase repeat orders.


Data compilation and presentation

There are huge amounts of businesses out there collecting huge amounts of data about their customers, competitors and suppliers yet not doing anything with it. We specialise in bringing all this information into an easily interpretable way such as graphical and tabular views, all in an easy to use mobile app.

This ordered data can be invaluable for marketing purposes, allowing staff to target particular customers based on their previous orders, behaviour and habits. The ability to view a customer’s complete history with your company on a pleasing to the eye dashboard is the perfect tool for any sales person.

If you would like to talk to us about implementing your own bespoke enterprise application then please get in touch, we’ll be happy to talk through and develop your ideas.

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