Expert UI Focussed App Designers

Expert UI Focussed App Designers

A great app design makes all the difference in getting your app in a different league to your competition. Our app designers have years of experience in creating great, easy to use, designs for mobile, tablet and desktop applications.

How we approach UI design with our clients

All of our design is carried out in-house, starting with a completely blank canvas, and a lot of ideas. We encourage a large amount of client input at this stage to produce a final design that carries out its purpose, looks amazing and that the client is happy with.

Once an initial design is made we transfer the screenshots to a phone and test the functionality of each UI element, ensuring a great user experience on all devices targeted. A design may look stunning, but when it comes down to it, functionality comes before a pretty design.

Our process

To be an effective UI design agency, it’s important that we follow an appropriate process.

First, we’ll establish what your needs are. We’ll listen to what you tell us (and even what you don’t) so that we get a clear picture of what the business need is, which we, in turn, must satisfy. Everything we do during the process must go towards achieving your main objectives. This is key to getting your app to work how you want it to.

Second, we’ll create an initial storyboard so that you have a visual representation of each screen and how they connect to each other.

Next, our app designers will create a first design draft and amend with your input until we have sign off. This is a critical step before time is spent going into development where changes ideally should be kept to a minimum.

We will then turn this design into a functioning application.

If we are working with an Agile approach, which is typically preferred, we will repeat this process throughout each stage of development, allowing you to make alterations throughout the development process.

Whether you’re looking for iOS app development, Android app development or even if you aren’t sure which you need, we can help. If you’d like to talk more about our services please get in touch to speak to an expert UI design agency with app designers that you can trust.

If you’d like to talk more about our services please get in touch to speak to an expert UI design agency that you can trust.

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