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NFC Contactless Payments Solution


An NFC compatible Android app designed to make events 'cashless', using a RFID tag stored in a wristband.


We developed an android app enabling events to utilise the functions of RFID technology. This is a secure method of contactless payments for consumers to purchase products or services.

Secure NFC communication

Our system communicates with NFC tags, attached into specialised wristbands, allowing users to top up either; at a top up location, before an event by purchasing vouchers or even remotely where a customer is able to buy a top up online that is then applied when the band is recognised at any vendor around the site. The bands are then used to securely make purchases from a vendor.

Increases spend

Purchases can be made from any of three currencies that are set up before an event, or by coupons. Our award winning system has been used by over 1 million consumers making over 3 million transactions, increasing the total spend at events by up to 25%.

Tons of benefits

As well as increasing total spend, a cashless solution decreases theft, improves analytics available to event’s organisers and increases the speed at which someone is able to make a purchase.


  • Completely offline compatible
  • Compatible with external NFC readers
  • Compatible with payment card readers
  • Connect to multiple different endpoints, both local and remote
  • Ability to buy vouchers prior to an event and have them added onto your band
  • Purchase top ups remotely during an event that can be added when you go to a vendor
  • Purchase using coupons through your band
  • Correct incorrect orders using the app
  • Refund band balances after an event
  • Support for three currencies at a single event
  • Write different types of tags
  • Different locations limited by the permissions of the vendor
  • Ability to register devices as lost  

Admin control

As well as the app and features described above, we developed a second app allowing an event’s organisers to write event, location and staff tags. The event tag is used to set up an event on the first load of an app, location tags are used to open up a specific location while the staff tags provide an extra level of security, showing the staff member creating the transactions as well as limiting specific people to specific areas


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Skills Used

  • Android SDK
  • Java
  • UI/UX Design
  • Adobe Suite