I Can Scrapbook is an online scrapbooking app, designed specifically for young people. The app and web portal allows children and parents to collate images and videos to create their own personal scrapbook.


The apps background

Twelve-year-old Alfie has cerebral palsy – a neurological condition caused by problems in the brain and nervous system. Alfie is bright and cheery, enjoys music and dancing around in his wheelchair, and he’s always singing his favourite songs and bopping along to his favourite shows. Alfie loves seeing himself in pictures and videos!

Alfie’s condition means he can’t talk to people to tell them what he can do for himself, and he would love to show off more. The I Can app, based on a scrap book created by Alfie’s Mum, enables everyone involved in Alfie’s care to be aware of his skills and what he loves, and to add notes, pictures and videos so that the app grows with Alfie. I Can also collects memories and magical moments in photos and videos so that Alfie can show everyone just what he can do!

Not only is the app made for Alfie, the app is open for all to use so that they can get as much benefit from it as Alfie.

Atom Engine were extremely pleased that they could make Alfie’s app and we hope it benefits both him and many others in the very near future.

App & web portal features:

  • Upload images, videos, pdfs and notes both via the web portal and app
  • Create and manage multiple scrapbooks with a single login
  • Add to different sections; scrapbook, school, medical and emergency information
  • Uploaded posts are synched across all your devices with offline capability
  • Grant access to school and medical staff as well as friends and family, with the ability to limit them to specific sections
  • Parental controls to lock certain areas of the app
  • Notifications to show when a post has been added to your scrapbook
  • No limits on amount of posts in the scrapbook
  • Compatible with iPad and iPhone

Technical information

This project involved development of a secure, completely bespoke, web portal and mobile app, working in tandem via a secure REST API.

One of the main requirements of the app was to sync large images and videos across multiple devices, as well as allowing the app to work completely offline. We were able to create an excellent, efficient, synchronisation system using techniques such as data chunking and background data refresh. The app is capable of operating completely offline, only sending data securely when it senses an internet connection.

Another great feature of the app is instant data refresh, allowing a child’s school teacher to add items to a scrapbook via the web portal and within seconds the items being available across all devices.

Obviously security is a main concern with an app holding sensitive images and video. All data is transferred over a secured HTTPS connection and we have gone further by encrypting the local device store. We used the oAuth 2.0 protocol to secure the custom built API and all images, video and documents are only accessible with a valid oAuth token.

Skills Used

  • Adobe Suite
  • CSS 3
  • HTML 5
  • Java
  • Javascript
  • Linux Administration
  • MySQL
  • Objective-C
  • PHP
  • Swift
  • UI/UX Design