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Atom Engine Annual App competition


The competition

Atom Engine are hosting the first of our annual app development competitions. In this competition, individuals/teams submit app designs and Atom Engine will develop the winning app for free! That’s £30,000 worth of development!

Competition Rules

  1. 1 Applications can be submitted individually or as a group (up to 4 members)
  2. 2All members must be aged 16+
  3. 3The competition is free to enter, application can be received via the online form or via email.
  4. 4All submissions must be received by (time date GMT)
  5. 5All applications must be submitted in English
  6. 6All applicants must be UK residents.
  7. 7Submitted information must be the intellectual property of the applicant/s, any data provided that is not owned by the applicant must be clearly referenced as Atom Engine will not be held accountable for copyright of data provided in submissions.
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iOS App Development

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Web Development

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Android App Development

Application Stages

1. Initial Submission

To enter the competition, the individual or group must send in their submission via the online form or alternatively they can email midlands@atomengine.co.uk. Please check the terms and conditions before submitting your application. In the initial submission the applicant should give:

  1. A name for their app – This can be changed at a later date if requested, until the end of the workshop submission.
  2. A brief description of the app
  3. Additional files – This section is optional but provides the applicant with extra space to submit any information they find relevant to their submission.

Examples of things that may be relevant to include:

  1. A brief description of who you/ your company is and why you would like this app made
  2. The target market for the app (internal to the company, for the general public?)
  3. Will the app be free to download or paid?
  4. What platform would you like the app created on (android, iOS or web)

2. Workshop day / submission

25 successful submissions will be invited to attend a workshop day here at the Atom Engine Midlands office to turn their ideas into designs ready for the developers.

The workshop day is on x date and is used to refine and finalise the app designs with assistance from professionals. By the end of the day applicants will have a better understanding of the layout and functionality of their app.

After the workshop day is finished, applicants will have 1 week to submit their final designs for the judges.

3. Winner announcement

The winner will be chosen based on the initial design and their final designs and announced via email and on our website/social media pages.

4. Post- Competition and App development

Once the winner has been confirmed, the designs they created on the workshop day will be used to create a bespoke application for free. The app is then owned by the winning applicant/s.

The app will receive suitable publicity on our website and social media.

The winner can pay for additional functions or app platforms to those decided on the workshop day, but this would come with a fee.

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