Hiring a good developer

Protecting your ideas

Your idea is your intellectual property. A good developer will respect this and may ask you to sign an NDA to ensure it’s safety. An NDA (non-disclosure agreement) is a binding contract between developers and customers, declaring a level of confidentiality between them. An NDA makes certain that the developer only uses your information in a way that is agreed upon. Make sure you read and agree to the NDA before signing, and before disclosing you ideas, this way you are protected.



Everyone has to start somewhere. Some developers may be new to the industry and lack experience/ a detailed portfolio, but are fully qualified. These tend to be the cheaper option, generally as experience rises so do prices. A more established company are likely to have lots of experience, and evidence to support this, so can deliver on more complex ideas. When choosing a developer/development company it depends on your budget and the complexity/ urgency of your project.



The development process of an application is just as unique as the app itself. The skills required vary from application to application depending on its platform and functions. A multi-platform app requires varying pieces of software. For example, an android app is built on Android SDK, which is not appropriate for iOS or web applications. Each function you wish to implement in your app also requires a different set of skills. An app with a map function may require skills like Google API, which allows the integration of google services in other services. A good developer is flexible with their approach and will adjust their techniques to suit your needs. This way each client is offered a completely bespoke app.



The developer should be entirely transparent with their customers throughout the development process. Some projects require an agile approach whereas others are better suited to the waterfall methodology (learn the difference here). The developer should inform the customer before beginning which methodology they are going to use, this way they know what to expect and in what time frame. If changes are required then this should be discussed with the customer before preceding. A good developer will be thorough in their design and will regularly keep you updated on progress. Hours put into a project can vary depending on complexity so can vary in cost. However a detailed design, where every aspect of the app is determined beforehand, will help the developer to give an accurate estimate of costs, leaving you with no unwanted surprise bills at the end.



One of the best ways to ensure a developer is worth your money is by looking at their portfolio and their reviews. A portfolio is a collection of their previous work done and is good place to see the range of skills they have used previously.  A developer is often capable of more than appears in their portfolio so if you are unsure then discuss your requirements with them.

Can the developer provide any testimonials? A great way to know if you can rely on a company/ individual is by listening to their previous customers, were they satisfied with the service? Testimonials and reviews often reveal a lot about a company, their work ethic and their customer service.



When hiring a developer you need to be able to trust that they can deliver a high-quality product that meets your requirements for a fee that you are comfortable with. A reliable developer should be transparent with you during the project and regularly update you on the progress. Check their portfolio/ reviews to ensure they are appropriate for your project and always sign an NDA before disclosing your ideas.

Do you have an idea for an App? Here at Atom Engine we are reliable and deliver high-quality bespoke apps, check out our portfolio and testimonials to see for yourself. Get in contact and will help bring your ideas to life.


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