App Development FAQs

How much does an app cost?

Our prices begin at £5,000 – £100,000 +. Due to the bespoke nature of each and every project we would need to know a little more to provide a ballpark figure. If you would like to get a rough estimate please give us a call or an email, in the majority of cases we can give you a rough estimate within a few minutes.

What is the payment policy?

We will provide milestones of each project where a payment is due. This way you ensure that the project is on target and you are happy with the development.

Can you take on a pre-existing project?

As long as the existing project is coded to standard then yes, not a problem. We are unable to take on pre-existing projects with major security flaws.

What happens once the project is complete?

We will continue to maintain your project for you under a service level agreement. Our monthly service levels range from £200-£1500pm and depend on the call out time required. Service level plans are optional.

Will I need a web server or hosting for my mobile app or web development?

In the majority of cases, yes. A web server allows you to store vital information about your users securely all in one place. It also allows for on demand resources to be downloaded as and when they are required, saving storage on the device. Our in house web developers can set this all up for you.

Should I have my app developed for Android, iOS or both?

This would depend on both the purpose of the app as well as the demand for it. iOS and Android have approximately a 50/50 share of the market (Jan 2018).

If you have a proven demand for your application we would suggest that you make your app available on both iOS and Android.

If you are wanting to first prototype your idea then it would be best to develop for just one Operating System first, gain feedback and then move forward with the other Operating System.

If you are developing an app for business use in the field we would recommend Android. There are many good Android devices available for a very low price, and as many devices get damaged or lost, it’s important you are not paying £400+ for a shiny new iPhone on a regular basis.

What’s a native app?

A native app is an app developed specifically for a particular Operating System for example Android or iOS. It has full access to all the available features of the device and as a result tends to run a lot smoother than non-native solutions.

Native apps however come with a larger price tag as separate apps are required to be developed for each operating system. We recommend a native solution for the majority of cases, although are more than capable with hybrid solutions to fit your budget.

What’s a hybrid app?

A hybrid app is an app on multiple platforms e.g. Android and iOS that is generated from a single code base. Examples of packages used for hybrid apps are React-Native (by Facebook) and Xamarin (by Microsoft).

They are a good solution for simple apps that are required to be developed quickly and for multiple Operating Systems. As the screens of your app get more and more complex they do suffer in performance which is when a Native solution should be considered.

What do I need to do to receive a rough estimate or full quotation?

In the majority of cases a quick phone call will be enough to provide a rough estimate of timescale and price when using our Agile development process.

If you require a full formal fixed price quotation you can hire one of our senior developers to fully specify each and every aspect of the project and provide a fixed price.

What programming language/s should I have my app developed in?

We will give our recommendations depending on both your budget and project requirements. For Native iOS applications we typically develop using Swift and for Native Android Java. If you would prefer a Hybrid solution we can develop in both React Native and Xamarin.

What’s the best web server solution for my app?

We would recommend using Amazon Web Services for all your cloud/server requirements. They allow you to create servers in seconds and you only pay for what you use. Our in house skillset allows us to work on both Linux and Windows servers.

Our in house team are able to set this all up for you and maintain it as your project grows.

What’s the best database solution for my app?

We would recommend an RDS instance from Amazon Web Services. If you are using a Linux server then you would typically use a MYSQL database and for Windows MSSQL.

We are also able to use NOSQL databases for projects with a high likelihood of data storage schema changes.

After listening to your specification we will be able to provide you with the best solution to fit your requirements.

Will my app work offline?

It certainly can. We recommend an offline first solution which caches previously downloaded data on the device and reuses it when there is no connection available. There are obviously certain things that do require an internet connection such as server login but having an offline store makes for a much more fluid feeling app.

Over the years we have developed complex syncing systems allowing your app to keep working offline and sending data when it reconnects to the internet.

What happens if my app stops working?

There can be many reasons for this, such as high server load or an iOS or Android update. With our service level plans we are always on standby to get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

By monitoring your servers we are able to keep any downtime to a minimum. We constantly inspect code bases allowing us to suggest updates before an OS update.

Will you maintain my app once it goes live?

Yes we will ensure your app is up and running through our service level agreements.

Can I arrange a meeting?

Sure, please get in contact and one of our senior staff members can arrange a time either to come to you or for you to come in to our offices.

Will my app work on tablets and mobiles?

Yes, if this is a requirement. We are able to optimise apps for particular devices so that your app makes full use of the screen area available.

What happens when iOS or Android update?

We constantly maintain our code bases and suggest updates before iOS and Android updates. As we gain early access to the latest iOS and Android releases we are able to test the updates ensuring zero downtime.

How can I make sure I secure my unique app idea?

We can provide an Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) for you ensuring complete confidentiality of your idea as well as only using the information you provide to develop your application. You can request an NDA here.

Do I need previous technical knowledge to develop an app?

Not at all, that’s what we are here for. Our staff are here to explain any terms you may need to know and we do our best to put everything in terms you will understand.

Do I need to design my app before having it developed?

No, we have in house design expertise if a design service is required. We can also work on designs provided to us.

Will I own the source code of my app?

Upon final payment you will own the source code 100%.

Do I need an Apple or Google developer account?

We would recommend it but we are also able to publish the apps through our own developer account if you would rather not.

What development technologies do you use?

Web Design : HTML5, CSS3, SASS, SCSS, Javascript, jQuery
Web Development: PHP,C#,ASP.NET, MySQL, SQL Server
App Development: Swift, Java, Objective-C, React Native, Xamarin
Desktop Development: OSX, .NET, C#, C++, SQL Server

How do you ensure data security within your developments?

We always adhere to programming best practices to ensure data security. We use encryption in our applications where applicable and ensure all security patches are applied as soon as possible.

We always advise an external penetration test for data sensitive applications.

Can you integrate my current data into an app?

Yes, we can generate a structured feed of your existing data. If your data is already in a database, this becomes a lot easier, however we can quickly import existing data into a structured format.

Can you integrate my app with 3rd party applications?

Yes, not a problem. We have vast experience in integrations with hundreds of 3rd party applications.

I’d like to incorporate QR codes into my digital strategy, do I need specialist software for this?

No, in fact so many people asked us this question that we created a new QR code generator tool. It’s free to use so give it a try.

I need to track my inventory using barcodes, can you help?

Certainly. We work with retailers to create apps to track inventory and even created a free tool to generate barcodes. It’s so easy, try it for yourself.

Can you help to create an app icon for the app store?

We will of course help you to release your app to the app store once it is ready to go live. However, if you’d like to publish your own app store icon, we have a handy iOS icon generator tool to help you to create all of the sizes you need to satisfy Apple’s criteria.

Can you help to create the screenshots needed for the app store?

Of course, we can. Similar to the app icons, the screenshots you need can be a pain to produce. We’ve taken the pain away by creating an app screenshot generator tool. Its free to use as much as you need to.